Cockroach Pest Control Hacks To Make Your Lives Easier!


Cockroach Pest Control Hacks To Make Your Lives Easier!

Cockroaches are a no-fun experience. Finding them crawling across the dining place on your kitchen plates is a gross experience. Apart from this comes the stomach, intestinal issues, and other diseases that creepy creature welcomes to your house. While a full-fledged cockroach infestation requires help from professional experts,

Some Cockroach Pest Control hacks mentioned in this article are helpful when you notice the first signs of infestations. 

Before getting into how to get rid of cockroaches in Australia, first understand their types. This would help you in getting some clarity about them.

Types of Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be distinguished into two types, and they can be further categorised based on their activities:

  • Domestic cockroaches- As their name suggests, they are present in all domestic places with the presence of humans and are primarily found in homes. Domestic cockroaches include German roaches, Brown-banded roaches, and Smokybrown roaches.
  • Peridomestic Cockroaches- They are the ones that like to stay outside in the surrounding during warmer seasons. Still, once the temperature drops, they crawl and migrate indoors. Examples of Peridomestic roaches are American roaches and Oriental.


Cockroaches mostly have two phases invasion and infestation. Taking the right action according to the phase helps you save time, money, and effort. We have distinguished it for you for your convenience in Cockroach Pest Control.

  • Invasion-Its the time when you notice a few cockroaches or a single one that has entered through cracks or when you have opened the store room door. They might have come in for shelter. Invasions are easy to tackle by inspecting and sealing their entry points while eliminating the few already inside your house.
  • Infestation- On the other hand, when the cockroaches have already started multiplying inside your house and are living their entire life cycle, there comes the real trouble and known as an infestation. They have no contention of going back outdoors, leaving their cosy life inside your house. It is the prime time to get the help of a professional pest control service company to eliminate the roaches from your place efficiently without much hassle. 


Cockroach Pest Control Prevention Hacks

Cockroaches are nasty creatures, so anyone hack won’t be enough to eliminate them. You are going to need a good blend of techniques for satisfactory results. These hacks will be effective for you to fight the more minor invasions, but in case of infestation, we doubt their action. So let’s get started with Cockroach Pest Control.

Sealing The Entry Points

Closely inspect your house and consider all the cracks, holes and points that give access to the roaches for a smooth entry. Fixing the cracks by sealing them keeps them outside while you are safe inside.

Leaving No Leftover Foods Outside

Roaches have a strong sense of smell, so they are attracted whenever they are alarmed by food lying around. A few tips regarding leftover food are:

  • Vacuum up the crumbs falling on the kitchen tops, floors, or tables.
  • Keep leftover food in airtight containers.
  • As they are alarmed by smell, keep toiletries like soaps, toothpaste, and shaving cream in closed spaces to keep them away from their reach.
  • The cleaner your house is more the cockroaches hate it. 

Faulty Pipes With Leaks

Roaches love warm and moist places, so they ideally find these places the perfect spot to infest. These places are primarily around the leaking pipes, where water accumulates, underneath wash basins or basements. So the best way to ruin their plan is y fix the leaking pipes or any other sources from where water enters your space. You can also install a dehumidifier to keep the moist places of your house dry. 

Clutter-Free House Keeps Roaches Away

During the day, roaches stay lazy and spend their entire time hiding in the clutters you have kept inside your house, like the piles of unwanted cardboard boxes, cartons and other things that create a mess. They make your place look unorganised and make it a cosier option for the roaches to thrive. 

Cockroach Pest Control Elimination Hacks

Having discussed the prevention measures, let’s eliminate that uninvited guest away from your home with practical solutions. Here is the list of Cockroach Pest Control  methods for elimination that you can do:

  • You can use glue strips to trap the roaches. It is a sticky sheet available in the market. You have to lay it in the place that faces their invasion. It is not that effective for infestation but suitable for determining the severity of the issue. Keeping it at that place for 24-48 hours is recommended. 
  • Next comes using boric acid to kill roaches. It is a toxic substance hence use it with caution and read the label properly. In this method, we will trick the insects by feeding them a solution of equal parts of sugar and water mixed with boric acid. Roaches are drawn towards sweet food to gorge on it; meanwhile, the boric acid they are not immune to will slowly kill them.
  • Abrasives like Diatomaceous earth can be used on the cockroaches to dry them out. You need to sprinkle on their surface to kill them slowly. Use it in moderate quantity; otherwise, it isn’t practical. 
  • Baking soda is another handy household product that can kill roaches quickly. Mix the abovementioned sugar solution with an additional ingredient which I baking soda. After consuming this, when they drink water, it will explode their inside due to expansion and thus kill them.
  • Lastly, mix essential oils with water and spray them around the house to repel them. The most common essential oils are citrus, rosemary, and lime.


These are easy ways to get started to drive away cockroach invasion effectively. But again, we would like to clarify this is not applicable for larger infestations. It is always advised to take the help of professional pest control services to get rid of the pets as they have advanced equipment, products, and expertise to handle the issue better. Cockroaches cause various health issues, so it is advised never to compromise the health of your loved ones and family members. 



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