DIY Pest Control Treatments To Get Rid Of Mice At Home!


DIY Pest Control Treatments To Get Rid Of Mice At Home!

Mice are those nasty pests that take away all your peace at home. They are very inquisitive about everything around them so they are just not satiated with the food around them. From electronics, furniture, and books to your clothes in the closet, once they find their way to it they are going to eat everything up with their sharp teeth.

You try mouse traps in the beginning and get happy with their result only to realise later that they are no longer a handful of them in your house but that has formed a huge team and traps are of no use to tackle them. Mice infestation can become a real-life nightmare if you don do something at the very beginning. 

Ever Wondered “How To get rid of mouse at home then this article is for you

In this article, we have come up with some handy DIY tips that can be useful for you to fight those uninvited guests at the very beginning and save yourself from those scary living nightmare experiences. Apart from the physical damage that the mice do to your home, it can deteriorate the health of you and your family too, Mice are the carrier of various disease-causing germs and contaminate the place with their faecal and urine particles. This article is all about pest control for mice at home by DIY methods.

So without any ado let’s get into the solution of getting your home mice-free:


1.Oils of Peppermint, pepper and Cloves

Mouse hates any kind of strong smell like those of peppermint, pepper and cloves. So they tend to stay from these strong scents. Soak cotton pads or balls in these oils and place them all around your house or specifically those places where you suspect of their presense. Place them at all the entry points this tip is two-way beneficial as it not only drives those nasty rodents away but also prevents their entry from outside.

2.Close all the Entry Points 

Look for all the holes be they small or big . Mice have their own way of getting through any hole due to their great flexibility. Inspect your house and find out all the cracks and holes in your place, check below the sink and seal all the entry points with poke steel wool, caulk or any resistant materials.

3.The smell of Moths keeps mice away

Moths have a very strong scent that mice absolutely hate and tend to stay away from it. Keep mothballs in the container and keep the lid open so that the smell spreads. Place them around the entry points and places where you find their presence . Say goodbye to those unwanted guests by unwelcoming them with those Moth Balls.

4.Smell of Ammonia

Ammonia is a kind of smell that scares mice away. The reason behind this is that ammonia smell mostly like urine and it is assumed by them to be the smell of a predator. Due to this fear, they stay away from any place that smells like Ammonia. As Ammonia is toxic keep them away from children and pets. You can use ammonia to clean places infested by mice, and clean mice droppings. You can also leave caps filled with Ammonia and leave them below the kitchen sink, pantry or any other place you feel like.

5.Your kitty can help you to keep mice away

No, we are not telling you to get your Cat into a real fight with those rats. All you need is some car litter yes you heard it right. The smell of cat litter scares the rats a lot they can sense cats around with that smell so they tend to avoid places where they get this smell. Get some kitty litter in a tray and keep them at places where you can find their presence.

6.Aluminium Foils are hated by Mice

Mice tend to eat everything they get in front of them but they’re is an exception to the Aluminium foil. They hate its taste and probably the sound too so they strongly dislike things that are wrapped in aluminium foils. It seems to be unnatural for them so they hate it. Follow it daily and you will notice its effects shortly.

7.Copper Wool is difficult for rats to deal with

The teeth of mice are very sharp and so they cut anything they lay their teeth upon but Copper Wool is an exception to this. No matter how hard they try it’s very difficult for them to cut through copper wire or mesh. So this serves as a great way to seal any holes, cracks or entry points with this copper wool will keep them away.

Hope these tips would be beneficial to you though we would say using them as prevention, in the beginning, is quite useful once you get a full-fledged rat infestation it’s always advised to call a professional pest control for mice and get rid of it. Spotless Pest control has years of Expertise and experience followed by skills and advanced equipment to fight it.



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