Keep All Threats Away From Your Business!


Keep All Threats Away From Your Business!

Every commercial property faces pest-related issues at some point in time during its operational phase. Unlike Residential pest control which is often taken care of by owners, commercial pest control must be mandatorily handed over to the commercial pest control service Company. 

Commercial pest control at the residential level is optional as people often opt for DIY pest control methods but that is not applicable in commercial properties. 

If your business is associated with storage, distribution or food handling then risking your business by not availing of commercial pest control services is never a wise decision to take. 


Your business ground should be free of pests as it serves quite an impression on your potential & existing clients. The appearance of your commercial space tells a lot about your business and so keeping it pest free is important as it adds value to your business and creates quite an impression for your investors and employees.


We all know there are plenty of health risks associated with pests that can have an adverse impact on your valued employees and even on the health of your customers. To avert such risks that can affect your business routine pest inspection is a must along with weekly or monthly pest treatments based o the condition of your property. 

Commercial spaces are mostly affected by pests such as rodents, mosquitoes and roaches as they usually feel comfortable around closed and compact places. You need to keep these uninvited guests away from your business otherwise they are going to damage your goods along with your reputation in the long run. 


Spotless Pests control has been in the business of pest control for over 10 + years and has provided pest control treatments to commercial spaces like offices, warehouses, cafes, and restaurants to name a few. 


In this article, we have explained in detail what pests can you expect in your commercial spaces and how you can certainly avoid them to some extent by keeping your premises clean by following some of the basic tips.

  • The first step is to identify the pests that are already present at the place. Identifying the Pest threats at an early stage can prevent you from incurring losses in future. Pest treatments are different for differen pests so different strategies are required. Pests of this kind grow mainly due to inappropriate hygiene so the best way to prevent them is to keep your commercial places clean. There is always a question of how often pest control should be done well that widely depends on the condition of your property so it can be weekly, quarterly or annually that would be suggested by your pest inspector.


  • The Commercial Pest Control Company thus inspects your property and identifies the entry point of the pests and seals them. Then they carry out cleaning procedures of every nook and corner of your space and suggest routine pest treatments as per the condition of your property to keep them safe and pest free.
  • Every business is different so are the pests they are prone to attract. For example, a business that includes huge storage spaces that are very compact along with the presence of food is mostly the breeding ground for roaches and rodents. Outdoor commercial spaces are mostly infested with mosquitoes and their presence at your business site will bring down the reputation drastically.


  • Mosquitoes are carriers of various kinds of diseases and even mosquito bites are pretty annoying. Utilizing pest control services at the peak time of their infestation can keep your space free of mosquitoes along with the deadly diseases they are associated with. Pest inspectors have the absolute expertise and understand the pest associated with each business. Thus inspects your property and figure out instantly what pests are actually infesting your place and what are the best ways to keep them away.

Here are some tips to keep those pests away from your business by following some basic prevention tips:

  • For Cockroaches clean the shelf of your space, repair all the cracks in the building, seal their entry points, fix leaking water pipes and most importantly seal food leaving nothing in the open. Try keeping your space clutter-free and dirt free as much as possible.
  • For mice infestation, the measures remain pretty much the same as above but special emphasis must be placed on keeping food carefully stored and sealed.
  • For Insect infestations such as spiders, flies, ants and others try these prevention tips. Keep your commercial ground free from leaves and debris on the floor, occasionally trim the trees and bushes, keep the commercial wash basins and toilets clean and empty waste following all sanitisation protocols, mop floors and wipe surfaces professionally with high-end commercial rodent control products.

         to keep the place germ free and healthy.


So far you have understood that in order to run a business successfully it’s a mandate to have good control over the pests as they are a great threat to your business. So opting for the best professional Commercial pest control services in Canberra is imperative to keep your business flourishing all year round.


Before choosing any service company make sure to have a look through this checklist:

  • Check the credibility of the company and check whether they are certified and insured.
  • Check reviews of their services., and their experience and also compare quotes from various pest control companies. 
  • Check whether they use eco-friendly products 
  • Check all their services and never be hesitant in asking questions until you get satisfactory answers.


Spotless Pests Control has been too into Commercial Pest Control buisiness for a long time now and has gained huge customer support due to the quality of our service. Our pest controllers are certified, and professional and have the right expertise and years of experience to deliver a service that would do justice to your time effort and money. We use the best commercial pest control products to prevent the return of the pest and protect your property for a long time.

 For any pest-related query call us without any hesitation and get it resolved in no time.




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